America, what happened?

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America, what happened?

Yes! America, what the fuck happened. A queer governor! Lesbians, Muslim women and a socialist in Congress! And racist radical Maxine Waters encouraging violence and bad behavior against conservatives.

Is this what we want and deserve? How many fucking idiots does it take to get these maniacs elected to Congress? A Beto almost beat Ted Cruz. That’s just fucking scary.

And it was close in Florida where a black socialist under investigation for corruption almost beat a good solid conservative for governor. And in Georgia some imbecile socialist refuses to accept defeat.

You all will notice I am using the “F” word rather freely. Right, fucking right. This is fucking madness.

What the fuck happened?

Pelosi will again be speaker. The libs control the House. Ocasio-Cortez is a congresswoman. Al Green and Sheila Jackson Lee will push the impeachment.

Am I going fucking crazy or is our country getting really fucked?

I will be 70 years old on my next birthday. What have I got left? 10, 15 good (or maybe bad) years. It could be that I will not be around to see the country fall into the fucking immoral abyss that the fucking liberals have for so long so passionately wanted.

But I have grandchildren. Not worried too much for my children. Hell, some of them (or maybe all of them) probably don’t think there’s much to worry about. But the little ones will never know the America I have known and loved all my life.

I am not and I have never been a right wing extremist. I am, as a matter of fact, somewhat tolerant of irregular people. But I draw the line when it comes to love of country. You can be gay, lesbian, bisexual and marry a dog if that’s what turns you on. However, I don’t want you to flaunt it or parade through streets proclaiming your fucking right to be a pervert. Keep that shit in your bedroom. Nothing to be proud about anyway.

The moment you start promoting some fucked up ideology like socialism and tolerance of sharia law or whatever the fuck that Islamic shit is called, then I get pissed off. This is The United States of America. We love our country. It’s the greatest country in the history of mankind. It’s not some shithole third world country. There are many who want to turn it into one of those. And, sadly, it appears there are more of them than us good guys.

Yes! Our country was built by immigrants for the most part. But those immigrants are good guys. They came and they became Americans and they had children that were Americans. And they loved America. And that is how America became the greatest country on earth. Of course, there were some bad apples. It’s inevitable.

But now we are forced to be politically correct and accept diversity. What the fuck is “politically correct” anyway? When I was growing up I never heard that shit. And, diversity? Fuck that shit! I don’t want none of that. I want Americans. I want immigrants who want to become good guys and love America.

But that’s not what we’re getting. We’re getting fucked. There are millions of them motherfuckers who hate us all over the country. And some of them are in Congress. And some are mayors of cities and governors of states. They are here and they hate our country. How the fuck is that possible? America, what the fuck happened?

How the fuck did we allow this to happen? I guess we weren’t looking. I suppose we were so complacent and so fucking blind to all the shit that was being fed by television and other media. And then we said that rap and hip hop was a passing fad; that it would not last and it would not have any significant effect of society.

And then we were told that Islam was a religion of peace. And that Obama was a true American. And then it all went to hell. And suddenly we had people in Congress like Pelosi, Waters, Jackson Lee, Green, Schumer and so many others of their kind. And the republicans had people like McCain and the Bushes and all those other RINO’s. And we allowed it.

And now we have the queer governor and the lesbians and the Muslims and the socialists. And fucking Hillary Clinton is still fucking around. Good fucking gracious! And again I must ask,

America, what the fuck happened?