Public Humiliation.

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Public humiliation was regularly used as a form of punishment in former times. Well, it should be used in current times. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it and it is quite helpful in the determent of crime.

I firmly believe that some criminals should be subjected to a public interrogation. Not by the media. I have no respect for the media. The media long ago became useless. There is no press. No journalism. It is all entertainment now.

What I would propose is that a certain number of ordinary citizens like myself be chosen to ask questions of these criminals and to be allowed to comment and ridicule them. And they have to answer, they have to respond to the questions and comments. Silence is not an option. They must be forced to react somehow. If they get angry, well, all the better.

The case of the Texas “affluenza” kid comes to mind as a perfect example. The mother has to be held accountable for her actions. She has to explain why she did what she did. She has to be humiliated and be made to feel morally empty. And all this process has to be shown on television and other media so that others who might be inclined to behave irresponsibly get the message. Maybe some will not want to face such public “moral lynching” and might think before behaving in an immoral way.

Now, mind you, not all criminals and not all crimes would be subjected to this public exposure of shame. Only certain people need be humiliated in such a way. I would include politicians and members of the media in the group.

Politicians because they are public servants and live off our taxes. Media types because they expect us to respect and trust them.

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