God’s Gifts.

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God gives us gifts…it’s then up to us to take advantage of those gifts with a passion. And I am convinced that all of us are given those gifts. It’s just that many ignore the gifts and simply turn the wrong way…I have to believe that it mases God angry. Here he gives us all these wonderful gifts and, what do some do? Ignore them! How dare we? We make God sad….


That’s why I admire talented people…in all disciplines and walks of life….To be able to create music, poetry, beautiful creations that make life better….Those who take advantage of the gift, well, those are the people who deserve the applause, the accolades, the respect.


And this includes those who serve, those who help others….those who take the time to be kind. The gift does not necessarily mean that we write a song like Paul Anka or Neil Sedaka…The gift means that we do good stuff, that we are kind and helpful, that we treat others with respect….And behave ourselves the way God wants us to behave…

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