White men of a certain age.

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We are becoming a country where opinions are not allowed. A society where we must be silent for fear of offending a minority. Yet, the real minority is us: the white man.
It seems that everyone else can say what they want, but a white man must keep his thoughts to himself. And maybe the white man should simply not have any thoughts.
A black man, a Hispanic, a gay or lesbian individual, a female, an Indian (or must we refer to them as native American?) a disabled person, a bisexual and transsexual and a freak of whichever persuasion, a Muslim and any member of any exotic pseudo religion, an atheist and any combination of any of the above can say anything and the white man must accept it without any reaction at all.
White men of a certain age are even more limited. If you are north of 60 years of age, just give it up. Don’t even dare think about anything. Simply entertain yourself thinking about Elvis and the Beatles and Paul Anka and Neil Sedaka. You must add Connie Francis and Annette to satisfy the female activists (although I seriously doubt they will accept Connie and Annette as representatives of their group) and under threat of a lawsuit, we have to include Motown artists.
Since I don’t recall Native American singers (does Wayne Newton count) and back in our day gays and lesbians were not so active and open about their rights (we didn’t know or ever suspected about Lesley Gore and Dusty Springfield and besides they probably would be rejected by today’s activists).
And I can’t recall any songs from back in the day from anyone belonging to the other categories. So, white men of a certain age, it’s best that we just don’t think at all. I really have no idea if the Thought Police has been activated.

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